Friday, June 15, 2012

The US military might field 3 different V-22 internally transportable vehicles.

Formerly the Force Protection knows what GDLS will name it.
via the
The defense giant that acquired Summerville-based Force Protection Inc. last year is in the hunt to build a new tactical vehicle for the U.S. military.
General Dynamics Land Systems said Thursday it has submitted a formal proposal to participate in the U.S. Special Operations Command’s Ground Mobility Vehicle program.

The Sterling Heights-based company filed its bid with the defense unit’s headquarters in Tampa, Fla. A sample vehicle was delivered on May 30.
Special Operations Command plans to buy up to 1,300 high-speed tactical transports under its so-called GMV 1.1 program, but it has not yet picked a supplier.
A contract is expected to be awarded by January, with production ending in mid-2020.
Read the entire article, but the US military might be in the awkward position of having three different internally transportable vehicles.
GDLS EFSS & Light Strike Vehicle for the Marine Corps to fill the ITV role.
GDLS Flyer ITV which rumor has it USAF pararescue likes for their ITV.
And these are just the offerings from General Dynamics.  To be quite honest I lost track of all the different competitors for the ITV role but surely other manufacturers are going to be entering these contest and only the Marine Corps has fielded a version.

Besides a Ground Mobility Vehicle for Rangers (and other SOCOM units if they see fit), you have the Para-Rescue guys that are looking at a can bet money that Naval Special Warfare will want their own ride (c'mon can you see SEALs using a vehicle that isn't boutique?) and because of their mission set Special Forces might need a unique vehicle too.

Long story short....vehicle standardization isn't even possible within SOCOM much less across the rest of the DoD.  Perhaps we should stop trying?


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