Friday, July 13, 2012

Lenco Bearcat.


  1. complete overkill,

    if the police need too use this vehicle, their doing something wrong.

    It's a sad indictment of modern times when a policeman looks more like a soldier, who's their to enforce the "PEACE", than a policeman, who's their to "keep the peace".

    Britain has armed police and they are used regularly, commanly refered to co19, you could also say they look kinda militaristic, but they deploy in adapted area petrol cars, known as ARV'S, generally only carrying a sidearm, only ever carrying the submachine gun, with special permission, from dispatch.

    America is different from the u.k. but, one up man ship never works, it just leads to bigger badder criminals.

    RPG anyone?

  2. RPG? only if they're lucky.

    I WOULD NEVER DO IT AND I'M ONLY TALKING THEORETICALLY! I REPEAT THEORETICALLY! but if i ever did plan a major crime and i knew i would get a SWAT response i'd be lining them up for ied strikes. multiple ied strikes with improvised claymores to slow them down. then i'd go to the woods. experience has shown that when police meet resistance even when armed like that they turn into pussies and slow down dramatically.

    but the main point is this. you're right.. this is over kill to a huge degree. many of our allies soldiers aren't as well equipped as some of our police depts and they go against suicide bombers and terrorist.

    the USA is broken when it comes to police/citizen interaction.

    1. i was thinking IED, but i had the movie camera work going thru my head. Bank robber walks out of bank, clad in body armour.

      Realising the shit , he's in, swings up the big bad rpg locks on to the target, cut to the CGI of it flying in slow motion hitting the bearcat,exploding it 100metres off the ground with all the swat diving just in time, saving all their lifes, ofcourse. in the end, with swat all but beat, A heroic swat guy takes the robber down with one good aimed shot right in the eye.

      cut to them all relaxing at a nice barbecue afterwards, reminicising about the great day at work they had.

      The End

  3. I keep thinking from when William S. Lind was taking the Bush the Younger Admin to task for killing off the the Justice Depts. community policing program.

  4. well i don't know the cause but the gulf between police and the US citizen is growing larger everyday.

  5. I think there are a few reasons.

    There have been precedents: the Whiskey Rebellion, John Brown raid, and the Prohibition/Depression era gangsters armed with Thompsons and BARs.

    There has always been a "Thin Blue Line" mentality in some LE ranks that thinks of society in those terms and views civilians with a jaundiced eye (think of the early Dirty Harry movies)

    There are a ton of former active-duty and current reserve military personnel in the LE community.

    We, as a society, are better armed and trained than at any other time in the past 60+ years. Think of all the ARs and AKs owned by civilians.

    If law enforcement is a reflection of society and we're armed to the teeth, what is Officer Friendly going to do?


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