Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vid of USAF Security Police hookin' and jabbin' with S. Korean Civilian.

This looks bad.  Real bad.

Read the story here.

If anyone speaks Korean please translate this for me.  Is one of those guys wearing a plate carrier with a combat load out?

A note on the video.  When you hit play it'll take you through a 16 second commercial.  Once that's finish just close the box and restart it and it'll take you to the news report.


  1. Lot of political layers to this one. This was not an accident. Town patrol being ordered to shut down human trafficing/blackmarket near base by upper levels and local "business" owners not happy. Toss in election year for local politicians and......Just hope those Security Forces airmen aren't made into some type of scapegoat...

  2. too late for that. the commanding general of that base has essential thrown these guys under the bus and we don't have anywhere near a complete story on this. i said it looks bad and it does...i'd love a translation so we can hear what the koreans are saying about this, but the vid starts in the middle of the incident and its real fuzzy on what led up to this conflict. koreans are proud people and some of them chafe at the US presence while (like you said) the other half wants to profit at any cost.

    i see broken careers for political expediency.

  3. You nailed it....just went to Osan afb front page and the first thing you see is the vid of now augmenting town patrol with korean augmentees from the army....

  4. USAF in South Korea to launch full investigation into civilians’ handcuffing

    Five airmen from the 51st Security Forces Squadron at Osan Air Base have been suspended from their regular duties pending the outcome of a full investigation into their handcuffing of South Korean civilians outside their base on Jul. 5.

    Three civilians were detained for about 45 minutes which started when three military police officers on town patrol asked a shop owner to move his car from a no-stopping zone.

  5. Fucking bullshit. These guys are going to take it in the ass because we (as a country) are in such a hurry to apologize to ANYONE that we trip over our own dicks doing so. They're fucked.

  6. Patrick you had me laughing...i guess because i think what you said is so true (the bad, terrible truth that real men have to face) that its funny.

    but if these guys are fucked becausee our leaders apologize at the drop of a hat then that means our country is fucked too!


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