Monday, August 06, 2012

Holographic sights on pistols in SOCOM?

Its been said that a unit(s) in SOCOM are running holographic sights on their pistols.  Can anyone identify that unit?  Photos are floating all over the net showing these guys loadouts so I'd prefer some type of imagery that shows these guys either training with or in Afghanistan or some other hotspot with the sights on their weapons.  if you have that proof hit me up in the comments or in my e-mail. 

UPDATE:  The more I think about this the more I'm calling BS on it.  You have to mill the slide out in order to make the sight fit.  You have to install supressor sights on the pistol and then you have to retrain the person to fire the weapon in a new way.  The easiest part of the whole thing is the training.  the most doubtful about it is the milling of the slide and the number of rounds that are put down range.  As much as these guys shoot the chances of slides cracking HAS to increase.  Additionally I know of NO marksmanship unit (Army or Marines) that are using these guns.  I'm more convinced than ever that this is a competition/class trend and not one that's really catching on in the military.  But prove me wrong and send me the evidence.


  1. I know for sure that the system on that particular Glock is a TSD Combat Systems upper. Suppressor sights, Triji RMR, threaded barrel. The grip cuts in the slide give it away. The slide has to be cut for that sight, yes, but the raised irons are just taller sights.

    But, no, you don't have to retrain anybody on the system they already know. The RMR is set in the slide like that to co-witness the red-dot and the irons. It actually makes training easier.

    But, I missed the photos that you're talking about. Can you shoot them to me?

  2. If putting holographic sites, like pictured, are your goal, my money says it'd be cheaper to order new slides instead of milling out your current ones. That would prevent structural integrity loses you're afraid of too.


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