Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Ugly American and the US Navy in the Pacific.

CDR Salamander has a post on how disgraceful looking the LCS is.  Read the article at his house but he not only has a point but it goes to another issue.  The Ugly Americans are going to be the messy Americans too. 

Unless you've been to an Asian nation you don't realize how seriously cleanliness is taken. 

Oh and consider this.  The LCS is going to be based in Singapore!  The most hyper clean city state in the world and we're sending these visual garbage haulers there!  Amazing. 


  1. hogwash, the AL skin of the LCS-2 is NOT dirty, it is uncoate for a reason and left to weather (ozidize?) per the shipbuilders plans.

    It takes a lot of manhours to clean and paint the above water surfaces. As you shoul know there is NOT enough crew to do that.

  2. Shiiiit, that's smog camo. Will be practically invisible in the South China Sea. ;-)

  3. Hum... From what I was able to see in Japan, the appearance of cleanliness is more important than cleanliness itself. I'm not sure an "no, really: we _designed_ it to look like this" is going to cut it.

    I don't know if this extrapolates to the rest of the countries there, either.

    Take care.

  4. anyone who's been anywhere near Asia knows the same thing Ferran. the US Navy is about to be a laughing stock!

  5. S, how can you advocate for battle rifles being camouflaged instead of plain black and then criticize the Navy for doing the exact same thing with their ships?

    (BTW, this is posted with tongue firmly in cheek.)


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