Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meanwhile in the Pacific...the Japanese are practicing airborne assaults to retake islands.

Thanks for the heads up Joe!

Rather stunning isn't it.  I haven't given it airtime because I figured everyone was already locked into it but Japanese and Chinese fighter planes have been playing cat and mouse in the air...the Philippines are trying their best to gear up to prevent Chinese incursions into their territorial waters...China came out on record warning Vietnam not to lay claim to a set of islands (they issued the same warning to the Japanese) and now we have Japan trying its best to cobble together a respectable expeditionary force to deal with retaking/repulsing a Chinese take over of one of its islands.

The Pacific is about to pop.  No ones paying attention because the focus is on silliness instead of geopolitical threats lining up world wide. 2013 will be interesting.  I say that with the Chinese curse in mind.

NOTE:  I can't for the life of me understand why the Army hasn't designated an Airborne Brigade (separate) to be forward deployed in Guam and FORCING the USAF to supply them with a squadron of C-17's to make them part of a Rapid Deployment Force for the Pacific region. Yeah.  I said it.  Its time to bring back the RDF.  Especially considering the distances involved and the sudden action that we can expect with conflict in the Pacific.


  1. Hum... Considering the speed of political action [*], they might as well sleep back home.

    Take care.

    Ferran, BCN

    [*] And GOFO orders. After all, war is the continuation of politics...

  2. Fighters flew by PLAAF and JASDF played a game of chickens for the first time since their island squabble started last year. A bunch of Japanese F-15J faced off Chinese J-10s for a while before both side decided to call off. Very interesting time indeed.


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