Friday, January 25, 2013

SOCOM formed a new unit?

Thanks Tom for the heads up.  Great catch!

via Lignet
New U.S. Special Ops Unit to Advise Mexico on War with CartelsThe Pentagon’s new special operations unit sent to help the Mexican government in its fight against the drug cartels will teach Mexico's military the tactics used to hunt down terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. But this education and training could take years and the U.S. special forces will be consigned to a backseat role in the fight against the cartels, forbidden to participate in armed combat.

Its subscription only but I'm on the horn to Jack Murphy over at SOFREP to see if he can provide any intel/visibility on this new outfit. 


  1. Didnt the last lot SOCOM trained end up forming Los Zetas?

  2. yeah and they did a terrible job in Mali. SF needs to get back to its core mission set instead of doing raids, raids, raids...


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