Saturday, January 19, 2013

The biggest lie about the Newtown shooting.

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The President, Newtown officials (especially that pedophile looking Coroner) and the news media all owe the American public an apology.

They all lied when they said assault weapons were used in the attack.

Police found 4 pistols inside the school and the so called assault weapon was in the car. Let me say that again.  THE ASSAULT WEAPON WAS IN THE CAR.

This President and his followers are using this incident as an excuse to play political games and to take the American people's eye off the real issues that face our country.  The debt.  A faltering economic recovery.  Out of control government spending.  A situation that's zooming out of control in Africa.  A war that is still being fought in Afghanistan... They want to talk about anything that divides the people and keeps the masses from focusing in on what's important.

I never actually bought the term "sheeple" before but I do now.  Only a fool could look at this latest information and believe that the Administration isn't trying to manipulate people.

Below is a vid of the coroner's press conference. Many noted the lies that were being told then. The news media didn't follow up and those that pointed out the inconsistencies were labeled as conspiracy theorist. Watch and weep for your country. You're all being spun and don't even realize it.



  1. I believe I am right in saying that autopsies were carried out on site and not the ME's offices which is strange. Well that is what they are saying. It takes hours to do one autopsy had did they manage to do over 20 so quick. Or I am not understanding the chain of events properly? What about chain of evidence? All very strange.

  2. Can give the source you used that "only handguns were used in the attack" for me?

  3. Think about it, a guy walks up to a school with an AR-15 and no one reports seeing him with it?
    A guy walked into a store in Utah and the whole world saw it almost live.
    An elected clown picked an MAK-47 up from his buddy and walked into a state house with his thumb on a trigger, magazine loaded and bolt locked forward and the whole world saw it almost live.
    A small girl aimed a bubble shooting pistol at her classmates and is grabbed by her teachers before she could hit anyone with a soap bubble. No one saw her enter the school with the pink bubble shooting assault pistol.
    Yet they would have us believe the shooter at Sandy Hook was able to just casually walk into the school while carrying a black AR-15 in his hands and said nothing.
    Something just ain't right about that narrative.


    Then again how can a person believe anything the news says or prints when crap like this comes to light.
    H/T small dead animals


    The longgun found in the trunk was Saiga-12. The Bushmaster was in the school along with two handguns, a Glock 20 and a Sig P226 9mm.

    1. did no one watch the video above. an NBC news reporter STATED that police told him that the AR-15 was found in the trunk. additionally everyone started talking about a SAIGA on the day of the shooting to explain what the weapon was that was seen being pulled out of the trunk.

      sorry dude but i seriously doubt that police would comment to anyone but the news media on an ongoing investigation. you're buying into a narrative that was established before all the facts were known. oh and for all the websites that you can pullout that says it was a SAIGA and an AR was used in the attack, i can pullout sites from news organizations that say he used only handguns in the killings.


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