Sunday, February 24, 2013

If I had the pennies and the price wasn't crazy...

This would be my next rifle carbine!  Too cool.

via TacBlog


  1. Looks that way to me. Sol I'm surprised you didn't have a thread for UFC157. There were so very good fights on the card and undercard. The Faber and main fight stood out. The only real sleeper was Machida v Henderson, but that's how Machida fights sometimes.

    1. i'm at a weird place with the UFC right now. i still like the individual fighters but the events are coming fast and furious, life is currently a bitch and Dana is pissing me off.

      i heard good things about Faber though. nothing about the Machida fight. time to go see YouTube.

    2. Do NOT watch the Machida v Henderson fight unless you like watching someone demonstrate how to stay away from someone. Besides the Faber fight there were a couple others on the undercard that were excellent, one got fight of the night. The Rousey fight was also exciting as she almost got submitted, similar to how Faber won his fight. Actually after 15 min of the fans booing Machida and Henderson the Rousey fight was about 10,000% better and the fans went nuts. I'd say it exceeded the pre fight hype.

      I don't have an issue with a lot of fights, I just don't watch every single one lol.


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