Saturday, February 16, 2013

Police State USA. The next exhibit...

via Yahoo Sports.

Apparently Ohio State – and college football in general – isn’t very popular in the state of Tennessee.At least not with the police.Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, 65, and her husband were driving home to Plano, Texas from Columbus after attending her mother-in-law’s funeral when a pair of black police SUV’s stopped the couple a few miles outside of Memphis.“Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” Jonas-Boggioni told the Columbus Dispatch. “They were very serious. They had the body armor and the guns.”On the back of Jonas-Boggioni’s car was a Buckeye leaf decal, similar to the one players’ have on their helmets, and cops mistakenly thought it was marijuana leaf.Yes, really.“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” one of the cops asked Jonas-Boggioni.
After trying to explain that the sticker was not a marijuana leaf and that she and her husband were not trafficking drugs cross-country, the police advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the sticker as to not cause any more confusion.You know, just in case there were any other moronic drug cops out there that didn’t actually know what a marijuana leaf looked like.

No justification, just a sticker.  I'm no longer surprised.


  1. Ok... culture shock in. Marijuana is no way as prosecuted here as in the States.

    What part of the 2nd amendment doesn't apply to stickers?

    Take care.


    1. it once applied to most everything. we're moving from constitutionally protected rights to politically acceptable rights...


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