Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Counter sniper fire can be a bitch...and this guy was lucky.

He left JUST in time.  Whoever was doing the counter sniper mission was good.  They even accounted for his exit route!  Of course you have to add that the guy was just asking to get shot.  Who sticks barrels out of windows to fire anymore?  Especially if they're playing sniper!  Who uses a hole that big?  Who doesn't add some type of fortification in case you do receive incoming?  This guy was a rookie.  He better learn quick or he's dog meat.


  1. I love how the proliferation of cheap video recorders has led us to episodes of "America's Funniest Terrorist (near)Deaths". Fucking EVERYTHING is recorded these days.

    1. i don't understand the desire to record everything. one day someone is going to get the death penalty for something they recorded themselves doing in a combat zone and that will put an end to it once and for all.


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