Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lil Red Danger and the President Limo Sticker.

Have you seen this photo floating around the internet???
Well if you haven't then you're not a gun guy.  Its been hot and heavy for over a month.

Everyone knew that it was fake...the US Secret Service would put about 5,000 rounds of 40 caliber hollow points into someone if they got within 100 feet of those cars without warning...and would get a citation for doing it too.

The only question was.  Where did this come from?  Well the guys at AR-15.net seem to think it came from this person...Lil Red Danger...a firearms model.  A firearms model!  Who knew they existed?  Anyway check her out at her facebook page here.


  1. I'd put my magazine into her receiver any day!

    1. her bolt catch might bite ya and don't forget to use your forward assist when inserting your round.

      ok. that was goofy.


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