Sunday, March 03, 2013

WTF! Department of the Navy!?!

Thanks Mike for bringing this to my attention!  Well done!

via Navy Times.

With no budget deal by deadline, the Navy announced some drastic actions Saturday in the face of sequestration.Four air wings are set to be grounded and eight ship deployments have been cancelled — including one already underway. The moves will help save the service $10 billion, the amount cut this year due to automatic spending cuts triggered by Congress.Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said these drastic actions will still preserve the Navy’s presence overseas.
Go to the Navy Times to read the whole thing.

For the record I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing.  These types of moves are done for one reason.  To alarm conservatives because the Republicans are suppose to be the party of a strong national defense.

Time for a wake up call Washington DC.  The JCS themselves have labeled the nations debt as the biggest threat to our nations security and we once believed them...

If the threat is the debt then we can take a few "risks" in order to get it under control.

We might say "What the Fuck!" but we're solid in the belief that the debt must be reigned in .  Oh, one more thing....we didn't think it would be play your damn games.  We're not buying it.


  1. There go the cuts. The President has said he will veto a bill that gives him flexibility to administer defense funds as he sees fit. He's going to use this to negate the social spending cuts as well.

  2. When you are strongest predator in the forest your debts is doesn't matter -- no one would dare question your debts.

    But when just out of whim you put yourself on a diet and lose muscles -- nothing would save you from other predators, regardless of amount of your debts.

    P. S. IMHO dissolution of USSR is a worst disaster in history of US military.


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