Monday, April 15, 2013

Bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Word is sketchy but from watching this on TV, I would bet that we just witnessed our first suicide bomber.

I hope I'm wrong but it sure fits the profile.

NOTE 1:  The slowness of DHS to respond is stunning!  They are gearing up to go against citizens but when actually needed they're weak as water.

NOTE 2:  The first link to gun rights groups has been made.  Ignore an open border with other than Mexicans crossing and Korans being found, they immediately target right wing  conservative groups!  Amazing! (I had to change that.  I'm learning from liberals that flowery words can shape a debate...doesn't matter if they're lying, as long as you're emotional and appear empathetic then your flowery prose can carry the day).

NOTE 3:  Now they're talking about a fire at the JFK library.  Even if this is all accidental they just gave potential terrorist a playbook to police and fire response.  Not good.

NOTE 4:  They're saying that people suffered missing limbs, huge lacerations etc.  Sounds like a professionally made bomb.

NOTE 5:  They ignored the attack at Ft. Hood, but they can't ignore this one.  We got hit at home with an attack by terrorist during Obama's watch.

NOTE 6:  Press conference.  Ok.  Its official, this just became federalized.  They're talking about 2 simultaneous explosions and then a third incident at the library.  A coordinated attack.  Supposedly a couple of bombs were found and defused.  Somebody knows their stuff.  I'd bet the defused bombs were designed to kill responders.  The third incident at the library stretched resources.  The only way the attack could have been better is if the third attack happened at a more high profile location.  Imagine if they had attacked the hospital where people are being treated instead of the library.  Still.  A well planned job.

NOTE 7:  The Aviationist is reporting a NO FLY ZONE IS UP OVER BOSTON.

NOTE 8:  Chris Matthews is trying to tie Domestic Terrorist to this incident.  He is working hard but his guests aren't buying it.  Zebra said it best though.  Who domestically has the skill set to pull this off?  Any basically trained Marine.  Most infantry Soldiers.  In other words they'll start pointing fingers at vets soon.  Count on it.

NOTE 9:  The serious grunt work starts now.  I've been through the FBI Post Bomb Blast Course and the craziness is about to become real.  Photographing the area from the air with high (extremely high probably classified) cameras to march debris patterns, guys going in to determine what chemical signature remains of the device, and then the picking up of every scrap of possible evidence after its been scene has been sectored.  They'll probably use an aircraft hangar and recreate the scene.  The FBI has their work cut out for them.


  1. They're either Muslims extremists or left wing anarchists. Probably muslims though, they've been saying they look similar to the Madrid and London bombings.

    1. i don't even want to guess but i'll tell ya one thing. they are so quick to blame conservatives for this that it makes me sick. i am amazed at how evil these people are. one thing for sure. we just got hit, no shit, on Obama's watch.

    2. this would have happened under anyones watch i am guessing, until we know more i dont think its fair to say it would or wouldnt have happened under anyones watch but i cant imagine who is in hte oval office would have had an impact on it.

    3. Yes, BUT as the liberal left says......It happened while Obama is POTUS and he dropped the Nations guard.
      It is his l'il red, bloody red wagon.
      I bet Obama got the CIA to do it for the Juices! >sarcasm<

    4. who said he dropped the nations guard? the counter terror policies are the same as they have been before.

  2. We all know who will get blamed and it will not be the real killers.
    Neo-NAZI Skinheads, Mormon's, anti abortion groups, Hell they would blame it on Sarah Palin if they could.
    It most likely will get blamed on the Tea Party, the NRA and no doubt will be the straw that causes Martial law.
    Yup, We got hit with a very public attack on an event that should have been all wrapped up in security and on Obama, Barack Hussein aka Barry Soretero aka Choomey POTUS watch. Who said the War on Terror, Al Q, and the Taliban was over.
    side note, NYC started gun registration today.
    1. Who has a beef with the City, marathon,and runners?
    2. Who has the technique to plant bombs at the site without detection?
    3. Who cares enough about killing people at an event that the bomber may have suicided while detonating the bomb?

  3. Boston shut down the cell phone service almost immediately in downtown. This might have prevented the unexploded devices to not go off, we will know more.

    1. interesting data point. thanks! so they think it was cell phone detonated? very interesting.

  4. Honestly, we have been slow to learn more about the specifics. Some sites are saying it was devices in the trash can, others say it was a potential suicide bombing. We know there are swat forces guarding Brighams Womens Hospital, the NY Post claims an injured Saudi national is inside the hospital in custody.

  5. JOE: The guard was not dropped you say? and we are reading about a terrorist attack on US soil during an event that would be photographed and documented as much as 9/11 I forget, How many Terrorist attacks happened on US soil during Bush?
    This is at least at minimum two attacks during obama. Fort Hood and Boston, possibly a few more NOT called terrorist attacks to CYA POTUS don't forget the hunger strike riot in GITMO!

    It could be due to the Gosnell abortion clinic an anti abortion, Pro Life advocate who decided it was time to act.
    I bet they blame a Veteran though.


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