Thursday, March 27, 2014

California State Senator Yee (D) was aiding Muslim Terrorist in the Philippines?!

Got this juicy tidbit from Tactical Gear Blog...
After reading the affidavit to the court provided by Special Agent Emmanual V. Pascua, we were blown away at the proportion of the charges against California State Senator Leland Yee. If it is proven in a court of law that he did what they alleging, then it is highly unlikely the Senator will ever taste freedom in this lifetime again.

On just one of the counts he allegedly was lining up a deal with Filipino Muslim Rebels (M.I.L.F.) to sell automatic firearms to an undercover agent he thought was a New Jersey mobster. The Senator specifically noted that these rebels were previously funded by Gaddafi, were not party to the current truce, and looking to overthrow the Philippine government. In return the "mobster" (undercover agent) would help fund his campaign for California Secretary of State. In this plan, the firearms were to be brought to the United States and then transferred to North Africa. Perhaps, Senator Yee was creating a ruse in order to keep garnering campaign funds, but the information given points to him being complicit in some form of criminal enterprise to illicit campaign donations.
I stopped reading after I hit that.

This guy is pure scum.  Aiding terrorist?  Being the biggest anti-gun guy in the state yet caught lining up deals to sell guns?

California is the cesspool I always knew it to be.  I guess I didn't know the dung heap rose as high as it does. If we really want justice we would extradite him to the Philippines and have them imprison him!


  1. Link to article:

    Other than and I haven't seen this anywhere else. The media is asleep.

  2. Why politicians want to disarm the population so bad? it's not just in America... all around the world they want the population unarmed and i just can't understand why.

  3. Ugh, what a disgusting person.

    Although it doesn't surprise me that he is a California politician, as their Governor, Jerry Brown, made his money off of the Indonesian military junta in the 1960s and 1970s, by ensuring that ONLY Indonesian oil was of the "quality" that California refineries needed, instead of Alaskan crude.

    The generals got US petrodollars, the Brown family got Kickbacks.

  4. Get a rope.
    This is what the 2d amendment supporters say, we will be disarmed and the gun grabbers ala Al Capone will make money smuggling in guns at high prices. Just as the ones who championed prohibition made gold off smuggling alcohol.
    These phucs are crooks plain and simple.

    1. a rope and a cedar block or two. he needs to die slow and i want big alligators and catfish next year.


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