Sunday, June 21, 2015

7 IDF Soldiers injured in armored vehicle rollover.

via Jerusalem Online.
Seven IDF soldiers were moderately injured on Sunday morning during training as the armored personnel carrier they were in rolled over.
Rescue and medical teams provided the soldiers with preliminary treatment and evacuated them to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. IDF has opened an investigation into the incident.
This was the third time a heavy vehicle in the IDF rolls over in the past few months. Six weeks ago, four soldiers were injured in an APC rollover in the Golan Heights. One of them was seriously injured and the others slightly so.
A week prior to the Golan Heights accident, four other soldiers were hurt when a patrolling vehicle overturned.
Accidents happen.

You can give a safety brief that shits gold plated joy, delivered by unicorns and accidents WILL happen.

But I wonder.  The Israelis give me the impression that they're gearing up.  Alot of it is being downplayed.  Did you know they were recently hit with rockets from the Gaza Strip?  How about the increasing number of cross border shootouts with Syrian soldiers, terrorists and even "freedom fighters"?

Something evil is brewing below the surface.  I really think the Middle East is about to pop.

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