Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why China will not become the dominant power in Asia...must see video...

Many thanks to the Rifleman Next Door for the vid...

This is a must see vid!

Personally I found Professor Lee's (he spoke about China's internal issues...Professor Dibb discussed its military side...sorry but I wasn't persuaded by Dibb's arguments...Capt Fernell is much more persuasive) presentation to be eye opening.

It jives with what I've heard from buddies that are players in the market.  They're not bearish on China...yet...but they're getting nervous.

I have to wonder.  The United States and the West seems to have turned to economic warfare as a other than kinetic warfare method to solve problems.

Is that what the Trans Pacific Partnership really all about?  Is it an attempt to bottle China and to cause what many people see as China's looming economic collapse?

Regardless.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you listen to Professor Lee and then the question and answer period.

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