Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bergdahl is gonna get hammered. New White House policy gives it away.

via Washington Times.
The president issued orders for the creation of a special envoy post, a new coordinator of government efforts and a fusion cell of FBI, State Department and Pentagon officials to deal with hostages and their families. He said government officials will work with families and, if necessary, communicate directly with hostage takers.
Obama defended his administration’s efforts to free hostages, noting that many have come home safely and that U.S. military personnel have risked their lives to rescue Americans.
Read it all here.

A couple of things.  First I highlight the creation of the "fusion cell" because that is a HUGE give away.  A special envoy serves no real function as far as coordination goes.  The pros can do that themselves and probably better from an operational standpoint.  What a special envoy DOES DO is to provide a barrier between the President and anything that goes wrong.  That's the real function of bureaucracy, it doesn't help do things better but it does provide cover.

Next, there was no outcry from the public to get this done.  And that leads me to my contention that Bergdahl is about to get hammered by the US Army.

THAT WILL BE HUGE NEWS.  People will be up in arms that a traitor was traded for five terrorist leaders.

The White House is simply getting out ahead of the curve and looking to set the stage ... and the story ... that they've already dealt with the issues that led to this MISTAKE and that they put in place mechanisms to prevent it from happening again.

Mark my words.  This hostage policy isn't about the victims.  Its about politics and legacy.

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