Friday, June 19, 2015

China's growing amphibious forces via Navy Matters Blog.

via NM
The other noteworthy aspect is that China is beginning to move from local assault capability to blue water, long range assaults. The Type 071 is a thoroughly modern and capable LPD, analogous to the Navy’s LPD-17 class. China is clearly looking further afield and looking to operate amphibious forces on an extended deployment basis.

Further, China is reportedly designing and building an LPH/LHA type vessel. This will cement China’s ability to conduct long range assaults and extended deployments.

ComNavOps is not a land combat expert by any means but China’s growing amphibious assault capability combined with their heavy armor emphasis in an assault means that someone is going to be facing a formidable assault force down the road, unlike the Marines who are heading down the path of light assault forces.

I guess I'm not the only one that's a bit alarmed by what he's seeing from the Red Dragon.

One thing is certain.  You'd don't build tremendous capability just to watch it sit on the shelf.  Sooner or later the Chinese will test these forces.  The only question is what country will be the proving ground.

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