Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Do you remember the Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Recovery Vehicle or GAARV?

Everyone is on the lightweight vehicle bandwagon, but do you remember one of the first?

The Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Recovery Vehicle or GAARV?

It had disappeared off my radar too except  that I had a guy remind me of the concept because of his work inserting PJ's to conduct their missions.

I found one (1) video showing the vehicle being brought into service for evaluation here, but almost no other current info.  The vehicle looks right and it should be a beast off road, but I wonder.  How is it doing in service?

SIDENOTE:  FBSO worked in the Recovery Field in the USAF and we finally have a bit of insight on how the vehicle will be used...or should I say knowledgable speculation.  His thinking is that the vehicle will be pre-staged and able to make quick overland runs to rescue pilots (if they're within range and helicopter recovery is too risky) or they'll be deployed by C-130 along with the Rescue Team.  That makes alot more sense than me trying to figure out how they're going to sling load this thing in since the HH-47 got canned and it can't be carried internally anymore.

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