Tuesday, June 09, 2015

F-35. I'm coming for you!

I just got word that this thing with the F-35 is reaching critical mass.  A well placed source has indicted to me that despite public pronouncements that there is lingering doubts in the highest reaches of the Marine Corps about the AFFORDABILITY of the plane!

Replace Murdoch for F-35 and you get the picture.

F-35.  I'm coming for you!

Sidenote:  Keep an eye on the budgets.  That's the key.  The USN is in a serious hurt locker.  They need to build not only new carriers, new amphibs, command and control ships, new tankers, new prepositioning ships and new mobile landing platforms/afloat forward staging bases, but they MUST build new subs to maintain our nuclear deterrence.  Simply put, the USN won't be able to afford half this stuff unless there is a major budget increase...and that doesn't look likely.  The USMC is in the same pinch.  They're trying to buy the F-35 while at the same time getting the CH-53K going, buying the JLTV, upgrading the AAV and getting the ACV going.  Its just too much.  THE BUDGET IS THE BACK BREAKER AND THE DEATH SPIRAL IS INEVITABLE!  All the announcements are simply propaganda.  Its bullshit and the Pentagon knows it!

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