Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Iraq, Afghanistan, Generational War & fights that will matter in the future.

Sarabvir and Galvars were talking about events in the Middle East (apparently the Kurds went on the offensive supported by US airstrikes and routed ISIS) but I wonder.

Has any nation in the modern era been engaged in continual warfare for 10 plus years?

Has an all volunteer military been able to keep up the pace of operations that the Pentagon appears ready to hoist upon the shoulders of the force?

We've ditched the idea of fighting two major regional wars but could we handle an outbreak in the Pacific or a major flare up in the Middle East?

The Think Tanks and COIN/Small Wars/SOCOM mafia, along with their acolytes in the US Army and Marine Corps have been so successful in pushing this generational war theme that its no longer debated.


We're involved in wars of choice.  Will we win if we're faced with a war for survival?

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