Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is Syria about to fall?

William has been sending me some articles on what's going on inside Syria and they all add up to one thing.

ISIS is on the move, the Syrians are losing ground at a rapid clip and from my arm chair it looks like the regime is about to fall.

If I'm right then we're looking at the regional war I've been worried about.  Hezbollah has already been engaging in firefights with ISIS, Israel won't sit this one out, Jordan will be fighting both refugees and ISIS, Kuwait will wig out, Saudi Arabia will be demanding a couple divisions of troops....and the Iranians will be filled with glee at all the carnage.

This summer is going to be bloody.  We haven't seen slaughter like we will see if the Syrian Regime falls.  Are you ready for YouTube videos where thousands of people simultaneously get their throats slit?

Out of control doesn't begin to tell the story of the administration's failed foreign policy.

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