Monday, June 15, 2015

Steady escalation in Europe...3rd Infantry Division Tanks on exercise in Estonia...

This business will get out of control...It'll get out of control and we'll be lucky to live thru it...
Naval Officer in the movie "Hunt for Red Oktober"
The US military has announced increased basing of equipment in former East Bloc nations...Russia has announced that they will respond appropriately.

This is sobering.

Where we once saw politicians on both sides seeking to de-escalate tensions during the cold war, we now see them ramping things up.

Be advised my friends.  When you have thousands of soldiers on both sides of the border doing combat patrols to ensure "sovereignty" bad things are bound to happen.  The State Dept and White House seem incapable of keeping things civil, I hope (but confidence is not high) that the Pentagon and Army have a better grip on things.

The sad truth?

Even with the best efforts of both Russian and allied militaries, cross border incidents are bound to happen.  We're going to see troops on both sides get killed or injured because of simple mistakes and the reaction to those mistakes.

Mark my words.  This is only the beginning.  This will get nastier before cooler heads prevail.

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