Monday, June 08, 2015

Stealth is dead.

via Jewish Business News.
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a unique, highly advanced family of modular Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar.
The new radar, developed by IAI’s ELTA Systems Group and subsidiary, has a formidable capability of Early Warning and long range search and tracking of low observable Air Breathing Targets (ABTs), and ballistic missiles.
The radars offer an advantage of low RCS target detection at long ranges, operation under all weather conditions, and in the presence of dense electromagnetic environments.
The ULTRA radar, already operationally proven, uses a modular, common UHF-band cluster architecture capable of wide angle electronic scan in both elevation and azimuth. The basic cluster can be modularly scaled to 6 and up to a 22 cluster configuration which offers extended detection ranges and tracking accuracies. Other cluster configurations are possible to meet specific customer’s requirements.

Airpower Australia predicted this years ago.  Many laughed but who's laughing now?

IAI is selling this?  You can have it configured to your needs?

That means Israel already has a more advanced version that is classified, already in service and probably already tested against the very best versions of the F-35, F-22 and B-2.

The Israelis probably can see what we're doing and how we're doing it whether we like it or not....remember you sometimes develop capabilities to keep eyes on "friends" as well as enemies.

Stealth is dead.  It had a good 30-40 year run but its an evolutionary dead end.

On to the next new thing.

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