Monday, June 22, 2015

Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (SKRAM)

The Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (SKRAM) provides airworthy and readily accessible carriage for a 72-hour supply of life support and survival equipment in a flame-resistant, modular and configurable backpack.  The SKRAM consists of two Go Bags. One is issued per crew station and contains the Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) mandatory minimum survival gear for the geographic area including provisions for additional water. A second Go Bag is issued per individual crewmember and provides carriage for personal mission-specific survival gear including provisions for extra M4 ammunition and the Army’s Modular Sleep System.

NOTE:  The US Army (in this case) and the military in general have been using "Go-bags", survival bags, and weapons kits for vehicle/aviation crewmen for decades now.  I was curious about the contents of such a bag and the description of the SKRAM doesn't go into details.  What do we know?  We know that the US Army isn't cutting edge/keeping up with modern theory.  Why would you give crewmen two different bags?  A "Go-bag" and a weapons bag?  Really?  Seriously?  Oh and I'm not buying the limited space argument.  Two bags take up the same space as one...additionally if you're needing to move and scoot why burden someone with two important kits?  If you know the contents, shoot me an e-mail.

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