Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Chinese ARE actually building a MLP...almost an exact copy!

Thanks to Phillip for the link!

via Janes here.

This IS interesting.

I've personally thought that the MLP was a ship without a purpose...I pointed to over half the class being converted to AFSBs, the emphasis on Company Landing Teams instead of Marine Expeditionary Units and the lack of improvements in Marine armor (real armor not Internally Transported Vehicles) as proof.

But for the Chinese?  Yeah.  It makes sense and it fully validates my belief that they're looking at landing Marines in mechanized brigades to sortie out from the beach to create havoc.

The COIN/SOCOM Mafia won the argument about the future of warfare (terrorism forever and we should organize conventional forces to support) but future Marines and Soldiers will pay the price because they did.

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