Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Rachel Dolezal story.

For some reason this story has captured the attention of many.  I hope this stays civil (if not I'll simply delete the post) but this is how I see things...

*  Many Whites participated and DIED during the civil rights struggle.  Her being President of the NAACP chapter in Seattle is not at issue.  Whites participated in the creation of the organization and have been a part of the movement from the beginning.  Her claiming to be Black is the issue, but even that is debatable, apparently many officers of the Seattle chapter knew that she was White!

*  She has a part time teaching position at a local college teaching African American culture.  Again her skin color has no bearing on that (or shouldn't).  If she's qualified then have at it. If she obtained that post because of her color then it can be said that a crime was committed both by her and the college.

*  I can't be outraged by this at all.  If we are being told to accept men that identify as women, and women that identify as men...and we're told that we should deal with them as they identify, not as they are biologically then what is the issue with a White woman deciding to identify as Black?

All and all this is a big fat nothing burger.

This is irrelevant, unimportant, silly and just another example of a nation that focuses on triviality instead of serious issues.

God save us all.

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