Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Russians had a MegaWatt Laser on an Orbital Weapons Platform in '78?

I was reading a nice write up on the Buran Space Shuttle (here) and the author mentioned (in passing...to me he buried the lead) that the Energia launch system didn't get to carry the Buran into orbit but it did carry the Polyus Orbital Weapons Platform, which carried a megawatt laser, in 1978!

If the Russians had megawatt lasers in '78....if the US was working on SDI....then what do we have today?

I have dismissed those that say that tech is being held back from the public but I'm seriously beginning to wonder.  Have you noticed that our rate of advancement has basically slowed to a crawl?  In the area of weapons we're not much better than we were during the 1950's.  More accurate, more precise but weight of fire hasn't increased and in many important areas we've seen a decrease.

But back on task.

The Russians were trying out an orbital weapons platform in 1978.

Just plain wow.

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