Friday, June 19, 2015

The USMC must stop spinning the truth about the F-35.

via War is Boring.
According to an official Lockheed press release, personnel aboard the USS Wasp had to direct the pilots as they lifted off and touched back down.
This arrangement was necessary because the Distributed Aperture System — a complex set of cameras that allows the pilot to see in any direction on their helmet’s visor — doesn’t work yet. The headset also prevents pilots from wearing traditional night-vision goggles.
“This is about shoring up the F-35’s image,” Carr said. “Since exercises are generally the domain of fielded weapon systems, this is about advancing the perception that the F-35 is essentially ready to join the fleet.”
The USMC has a reputation that is the envy of the other services in the DoD and many other military arms around the world.

The F-35 is risking that hard won reputation.

We're coming up on an important date, not for the F-35, but for the integrity of the Commandant's office, Marine Aviation and the institution in general.

IF the F-35 is declared operationally capable.  IF they tell the citizens of this country that its ready for war...and its easily proven that it isn't.  Then they will have won a short term victory to lose it all.
"Absolutely, die in a ditch, we need this airplane."— CMC Gen. James F. Amos
The former Commandant is wrong.  No piece of hardware is worth the loss of trust that will result from lies.

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