Monday, July 20, 2015

1st Tanks conducts Forward Arming & Refueling Point (FARP) by Lance Cpl. Thomas Mudd

Note:  USMC Tanks have a serious decision to make soon.  Yeah I'm repeating myself but I don't hear this being debated in any of the journals.  Currently the Corps is operating M1A1's.  The US Army has upgraded to M1A2's and many of our allies are operating 'A2s.  While they Marines could continue to operate the M1A1 model, its place in new operating concepts hasn't been discussed.  Will tanks continue as is with the M1A1?  Will they follow the US Army and upgrade to M1A2 standard?  Is it time to move to a Mobile Gun System and depend on attached Army MBT's for big fights?  Its a debate that must be the open...with all the fussing that goes along with it.

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