Thursday, July 23, 2015

5 Amphibious Combat Vehicle competitors?

via Breaking Defense.
The committee’s questions show a certain skepticism of this proposed Amphibious Combat Vehicle. Will the “four foreign designs” being evaluated have adequate mobility through the water? Well, Neller responds, there are actually five designs, only two of them non-US. Of those five, he says, “we are confident that at least two” — the number required for a second-phase competition later this year — “[will] achieve water mobility performance on par with or greater than our existing [AAV].”

As usual the reporters for the traditional media missed it.  Five instead of four?  Lets do the rundown again....

1.  General Dynamics.
2.  SAIC/STKinetics
4.  Lockheed Martin/Patria

So who is the 5th?  Additionally the Lockheed Martin/Patria offering is supposedly off according to Patria.

So what the fuck gives?

Additionally these were suppose to be off the shelf designs!  So who could be the fifth?  The same little birdy that told me about Lockheed Martin subterfuge stated that they were working on a vehicle so maybe the plan to backstab their partner was already in motion and they put a vehicle into service.

But what if it isn't Lockheed Martin?  Who else has an amphibious wheeled vehicle that could be offered?  VBCI?  Doesn't swim.  Boxer?  Nope.  Could BAE have dusted off the SEP design and used the 8x8 to enter solo?  Possibility...not sure.

This is curious.

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