Friday, July 31, 2015

A meaningless announcement...

I'm drinking in the announcement today of the F-35 achieving IOC.

The reaction from the news media is telling.

Its hardly making a splash.  We all know why.  HQMC believes that the media is a docile being that they control.  Because they didn't suffer the scrutiny that they deserved while lying (I've thought long and hard on if that word should be used to describe the pronouncements from the Assistant Commandant for Aviation and unfortunately it does) boldly to the public about the progress made by the plane they think they're in the clear.

Is HQMC smoking crack?

The media loves scandal and the F-35 is being lined up for a hit from hell.  Additionally the Marine Corps will be the perfect symbol to line against the wall for future hit pieces.

But what about Dunford?

Massive disappointment.  I'm beginning to wonder how much coordination is going on with that filthy little General's club.  He stood up on a personnel issue with the Marine Snipers but rolls over like a puppy on the F-35?

The truth of life is once again demonstrated.

Physical courage is easy.  Moving to attack or defend and placing yourself in mortal danger isn't hard....comparatively.  The hard thing is to plant yourself like a tree, go against the conventional wisdom, refuse to yield to the politically popular and do the right thing.  Moral courage is the hard thing.

The future will be bleak and hopefully a reformer will come along that will set the USMC on the proper course.  Dunford proved himself incapable.  Hell, it appears that he didn't even really want the position of Commandant.  Lets be honest.  Being Chairman of the JCS is a step down in prestige if you're talking about how its viewed in Marine land.

I said before that its not about the F-35.  Its about trust.  Its about moral courage.  Its about the USMC.

Lockheed Martin, Congress, the President and the F-35 mafia has made the Corps their bitch...The Marine Corps I knew was NEVER anyone's bitch.  Welcome to the new Corps.

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