Thursday, July 30, 2015

About my fictional war story...

Hey just wanted to pass along a little personal info on my fictional war story.

Everyone says that it reads like a "dark" Tom Clancy novel.  While I enjoyed Clancy, in my mind he takes a back seat to Harold Coyle.

Coyle is the real influence behind this.

If you've never read Team Yankee or Sword Point then you're missing out.  In my opinion Coyle's books should have been made into movies and they would have (if done properly) been blockbusters!  I have his books and refuse to sell or swap them.

Buy the books on the used book market.  You'll love them.....particularly Sword Point.  Spoiler.  Russia and the US battle in Iran.  It gets beyond hairy for everyone involved and the fighting is ferocious.

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