Thursday, July 16, 2015

Breaking! Hostage situation in Perth, Australia. Are we seeing a coordinated worldwide terrorist attack?

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10 hours in and the Bunbury, Western Australia, hostage situation is continuing. Negotiator still trying to talk hostage taker down - @Nic_Asher

I have to ask the question.

Are we seeing a coordinated worldwide terrorist attack?

First the attack on the Egyptian ship, then the rampage in TN, and now the issue in Australia?

The FBI is already involved in TN, but if you remember correctly, USMC bases in the Pacific were on full alert the summer before the 9/11 attack.  The intelligence agencies got the message of planning for an attack but whiffed on the target.

Could we be seeing the same here?

Additionally if ISIS takes credit for all these incidents (and they've taken credit for two...TN and Egypt) then what does that tell us about that organization?

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