Sunday, July 19, 2015

Celebration in the Philippines over a Japanese decision?

I try (unsuccessfully) to monitor stuff going on around the world.  Of course the Pacific is of interest so keeping one eye on the Philippines with a focus on their relations with their neighbors and the insurgency is at the top of my blogging to do list.

Well the Philippine social networks are all fired up by a Japanese decision.

The ban on Japanese troops fighting overseas is ended.

The Philippine citizen response?  They're asking for Japan bases and troops!

Amazing.  Those cunning Japanese are swinging public opinion and look poised to become the head of an alliance that the US should be running.  They're galvanizing the region in opposition to the Chinese.

We need to get a better handle on things ricky tick quick.  The Japanese and Chinese are heading toward a serious fight.  They're moving sideways to each other now, but the end result is easily predicted.

These two will be hookin' and jabbin' whether by plan or accident real soon.

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