Sunday, July 19, 2015

China's Anti-Access Complex is almost complete...


I didn't see this coming but China's Anti-Access Complex is almost complete.  To be honest its probably capable of doing the job now, but the Chinese way of war means that they will continue to refine it until there is no doubt of victory and they will probably try and make it so formidable that we wouldn't even try and penetrate it.

What the Fuck am I talking about?  Check this out...first lets talk the YJ-12...via Wikipedia...
In February 2015, Li Li claimed the YJ-12 had a range of 400 km. and a speed of Mach 4 when launched at high altitude.[3]
A 2011 article in the United States Naval War College Review credited the "YJ-91/YJ-12" with a range of 400 km. and a 205 kg. high explosivewarhead.,[4] compared to the 130 km. range of a Harpoon anti-ship missile. Furthermore, an aircraft could launch the "YJ-91/YJ-12" while still 230 km. beyond the range of the SM-2 and Sparrow anti-air missiles, which had ranges of less than 170 km.[5] Following up in 2014, Robert Haddick postulated that a saturation attack by YJ-12's fired at long range would be viable against United States carrier strike groups, even if the latter was upgraded with Cooperative Engagement Capability.[6]
It has been test-launched from Xian H-6 bombers.[7] Reportedly, they may also be launched from the Su-30MKK, the J-11, and the J-16.[8]
Now lets talk DF-21...
The US Department of Defense stated in 2010 that China has developed and reached initial operating capability (IOC)[12] of a conventionally armed[13] high hypersonic[14] land-based anti-ship ballistic missile based on the DF-21. This would be its first ASBM and weapon system capable of targeting a moving aircraft carrier strike group from long-range, land-based mobile launchers.[15][16] [17] These would combine maneuverable reentry vehicles (MaRVs) with some kind of terminal guidance system. Such a missile may have been tested in 2005-6, and the launch of the Jianbing-5/YaoGan-1 and Jianbing-6/YaoGan-2 satellites would give the Chinese targeting information from SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and visual imaging respectively. The upgrades would greatly enhance China's ability to conduct sea-denial operations to prevent US carriers from intervening in the Taiwan Strait.[18]
United States Naval Institute in 2009 stated that such a warhead would be large enough to destroy an aircraft carrier in one hit and that there was "currently ... no defense against it" if it worked as theorized.[19
Lets talk about a missile that isn't getting much limelight...the YJ-100...
The “YJ-100″ is not a supersonic missile but has a long attack range. Li said that if the range of the “YJ-100″ can reach as long as 800 kilometers, it will strike aircraft carrier and large surface targets in a long distance that beyond visual range and the enemy can hardly response properly.
If the range can reach 2,500 kilometers as same as that of American air-launched cruise missiles, it will do a great damage to enemy’s large surface warships.
It is reported that the “YJ-12″ will be launched from the H-6 strategic bomber and a new type JH-7B fighter bomber of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). In addition, the type-055 guided missile destroyer will be equipped with the “YJ-100″ to promote its battle strength.
These are just the missiles.  I haven't even touched on the anti-stealth radar systems or the stealth aircraft they're working on.  Additionally we aren't including what's going on with the man made islands...or the ship building program they've embarked on.

Believe it or not I'm not worried about the carriers.

They're going to be held way in hell the US would risk the loss of national prestige...or personnel with the sinking of a carrier that strayed too far afield.

I AM WORRIED about the Destroyers, LCS and Amphibs that are starting to do this "independent" ship operation jazz.  It will be child's play to launch a coordinated time on target against several dozen independent ships over several thousand square kilometers of ocean.

Our military is orienting to fight primitives when the Dragon is in the room.

The Chinese have straws out.  They're gonna drink our milkshake.

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