Monday, July 27, 2015

Chinese MLP floating Zubr Landing Craft screen captures.

Thanks to Max, my new friend in Italy for the pics!

The estimated capability is one Zubr class  or two Yuyi class (similar to US LCACs) landing craft.

The next thing to look for is the composition of their Amphibious Task Forces.  How many MLPs will be assigned to each one?  Will they be a regular part of the deployments?  Is this a move (as I suspect) to put into service an ad hoc LST capability?

I remain convinced of one thing.  The Chinese are coming with armor!  Whether by accident or design this appears to be a counter to the Company Landing Team AND Japanese plans to rapidly reinforce/retake islands.

If the Pacific turns into a speed game then arriving first is not the goal.  Arriving first with enough force to hold the piece of real estate/dislodge the enemy is the goal!  We also need to be aware that while the Marines/Soldiers are hookin' and jabbin' the Navy/Air Force/Marine Air will be fully engaged in the hairest furball ever seen in modern times offshore.

Ground forces will be on their own.

Air and Sea forces will be fighting to see another day....they won't be able to help no matter how frantic the calls are....

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