Friday, July 03, 2015

Cooking Snakes...

cut up Rattlesnake...ready for batter and frying in my way of doing things.
via Preparedness Advice Blog...
his year there seems to be more rattlesnakes on the move around here. It may just be that they are being forced to move because of the drought. But it got me to think about cooking snakes. Now rattlesnake tastes to me like a cross between chicken and Cornish game hens. I like the taste.
Now rattlesnakes are not hard to prepare. You can use the same techniques for cooking other types of snakes; just the taste may be different. I don’t know of any snakes that will hurt you to eat as long as you aren’t bit.
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I don't know why but Rattlesnake is found in most local restaurants from Arizona (and the desert parts of California) east to Florida and up to Tennessee. For some reason its not as popular in the rest of the country.

Don't know why.

But take my advice.  Try it.  You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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