Thursday, July 23, 2015

Damen Landing Ship Transport 120...

Why am I highlighting the Damen Landing Ship Transport 120?  Simple.  I still contend that the ship missing from modern amphibious assault task forces is the old LST.  Yeah.  You can talk to old skool sailors that absolutely hated the things.  You can read about the accidental beachings that came along with the ship doing its job, but the fact remains.

Rapid buildup of forces ashore means that you need to get the most gear possible on the beach with one pass.  Being able to put almost almost a battalion's worth of armor with one dash to the beach with the Newport class means unprecedented combat power....and conservation of forces.  You protect one ship for the one hour round trip instead of a convoy of LCACs for 8 hours as they make runs.  To me its a no brainer.  More info here.

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