Friday, July 17, 2015

Defense Debacle: Should Conservatives Cut Military Spending?

Thanks to Dain for the vid!

Bill Whittle is hitting the tip of the iceberg with the relationship between conservatives and the military.  He focused on the F-35 but it should extend to other issues as well.

Jade Helm is a wake up call for the powers that be.  Mocking the conspiracy theorist might be fun (they have yet to explain why with all the federal land available, SOCOM needs to crowd into US cities that look nothing like foreign ones) but the heartland---Red State America---the South---the parts of the country that were most supportive of the military are beginning to soften.

Recruiting is already taking a hit and its going to get worse.  Retention is already suffering and its going to get worse (its being masked by the personnel cuts).

If conservatives decide that the Pentagon is being wasteful then all bets are off.  You know that liberals would love cuts in defense and combined with a general view on the right that govt spending is out of control could lead to a strange alliance.

Conservatives and Liberals uniting to cut spending across the board...and this time making it stick.

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