Friday, July 17, 2015

Impressive police response to the TN massacre.

We all have heard news about the 4 Marines that were murdered in cold blood in TN yesterday.

What might have gone unnoticed is the police response.

It was impressive (at least from my armchair).

Consider how it would have been handled in the past.  At the first location police would have set up a perimeter.  Called in SWAT/Emergency Response and waited.  No effort would have been made to determine whether the madman was still inside and people would have been told to simply barricade themselves and wait for help.


Patrol Officers charged right in.  THEY RAN TO THE SOUNDS OF FIRE and did not hesitate.  They were able to quickly run this bastard to ground and although his rampage continued until stopped by the good guys, he was stopped before he could continue on to a third and possibly fourth target.

We'll never know if he had a Mall or school or Veterans Center in his sights but its because of the police response.

Law Enforcement has evolved to deal with this threat.

Patrol is the key, not SWAT.

Which brings me to my final point.  Don't get this twisted.  I am beyond impressed with the response but I must again question where we're spending our resources. Should we focus on the big money SWAT teams that do raids every once and awhile (sorry guys gonna piss you off but I'm talking about real raids against guys that would fight back...not against mom and pop that got sideways with the law) or should we pump money into the patrol guys that will be the first to meet the homegrown or NATURALIZED terrorists?

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