Thursday, July 16, 2015

ISIS (the junior varsity) is now attacking Egyptian warships!

Thanks to Ryan for the link!

via Foxtrot Alpha.
Details remain scarce at the moment, but news reports and the photos above purportedly show an Islamic State attack on an Egyptian Navy ship off the coast of Rafah. The Islamic State has been extremely active near and on the Sinai Peninsula, with a massive string of coordinated attacks occurring just weeks ago leaving over 100 dead.
Well this has always been the nightmare scenario for the USN/USMC.

Big deck amphibs and carriers transit the Suez Canal and if they're able to do rocket attacks on the Egyptian Navy then lobbing a few dozen RPGs into the side of one of our ships will be no problem.

If those RPGs are the latest anti-armor model...and if the primitives have even the slightest bit of common sense then the damage potential is .... shocking.

The junior varsity is trying real hard to move up a rung.  I wonder if the White House and State Dept are paying attention.

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