Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Poor confused little girl & is the "military" a new interest group?

I ran across this on my nightly patrols of the web.  Its hot on military social networks.

The funny thing?  I feel sorry for this little girl.  She ran head long into a buzz saw of pissed military members and is getting pounded and dare I say harassed for saying something stupid at a very sensitive time for many.

I did the little Google thing and checked out her YouTube page and she appears to be a typical teenage/20 something that has spent too much time at the trough of liberal thinking.

Nothing special about that.

She's young.  She said something stupid.  I'm sure we'll hear or read a semi-formal apology soon.

But ignoring the insanity of what this person said, it does make me wonder about a bigger issue.

Has the military/vets/active/retired become an interest group?

What makes me ask is the President's speech today and the pack mentality on this silly statement made by a confused child.  The President talked about increased funding to the VA, how many vets are now receiving benefits that weren't before, and then finally tried to sell his Iran nuke deal.

Have we devolved from being citizens that did what most wouldn't to another group of people that thinks we're special?

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