Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rock Squirrel in Texas goes Australian...

A park ranger heard a racket outside the Frijole Ranch and snapped this photo of a squirrel devouring a snake, bones and all. (NPS Photo/W. Leggett)

via ABC13.
PINE SPRINGS, TX (KTRK) --You may want to think twice the next time you want to get up close and personal with the squirrels that hang out in your local park.
The National Park Service sent out this picture of a rock squirrel in West Texas eating a snake. The photo was taken by a park ranger at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
Ranger W. Leggett says he heard a commotion outside the Frijole Ranch and was able to document the entire event. The ranger says the squirrel first battled with the snake before catching it in his tiny paws. The squirrel then ate most of the snake, bones and all, only leaving a small part of the snake's tail.
There are more than 200 species of squirrels. They vary in size, but on average squirrels can eat about a pound of food a week.
Squirrels also eat more than just nuts. They are omnivores, meaning they will eat both plants and animals. So while squirrels eat primarily nuts, fruits and seeds, they also munch on insects, eggs, small animals and yes, even small snakes.

I've seen them eating insects.  I've seen them with a SMALL mouse.  Never have I ever once saw a squirrel eating a snake.  NOT EVER.

This bad boy went full Australian...some Marine from Texas probably brought back a few nuts from his deployment down there...fed the squirrel and now we're about to have a full scale zombie apocalypse.  

This is how the zombie apocalypse comes on.  Slow...... with squirrels eating snakes, rabbits eating coyotes and then it spreads!

All jokes aside.  This doesn't seem strange to anyone?

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