Thursday, July 02, 2015

Saudi Arabia is getting its ass kicked in Yemen.

Thanks to Info Infantrie for the link!

Modern America is easily distracted.  With the always simmering domestic issues its easy to take eyes off international incidents of note.

One of those (besides the ISIS attack in the Sinai against Egyptian forces) is the continued fighting in Yemen.

Info is sparse...understandable since any journalist would be literally placing his head on the chopping block to cover the story...but it seems that either the rebels are becoming expert at information warfare or the Saudi's are getting their asses kicked.

I present the above video as exhibit number one.  Why in God's name would you skyline your vehicle like that is beyond me, but a more important question is WHERE ARE THE REBELS GETTING WIRE GUIDED ANTI-TANK MISSILES FROM?

If its Iran as I suspect then that's another reason to walk away from the negotiating table.

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