Friday, July 24, 2015

The AAV. The US Marines 70 year old (planned) combat vehicle!

via The Marines Amphibious Combat Vehicle site.
We have parallel survivability upgrade and sustainment programs in place to improve protection and performance of a portion (392) of the AAV fleet so that it will continue to serve as the primary amphibious mobility platform until the fleet is replaced entirely by a modern capability. AAV Upgrade meets surface assault echelon capacity requirements for two MEBs while mitigating a force protection gap in capability.
This program will start in FY 19, though some aspects such as electrical and communications system upgrades are already being addressed, and will extend their the service life through at least 2035. The AAV Upgrade Program will improve the force protection of the personnel carrier variant of the AAV, specifically its underbelly protection against explosive threats. In addition, the AAV Modification and Sustainment will focus on safety upgrades, replacement of obsolete components, and improvements to interoperability, reliability, maintainability, and availability extending the life and operational relevance of the AAV.
The AAV will serve through AT LEAST 2035!

Drink that in.

Marines will ride the AAV into combat through AT LEAST 2035!

Yes.  I'm repeating myself, but that would be like sending Marines into Gulf War 2 in LVT-2's! 

Have you thought about it?  Do you get the force of connection with this issue yet?  Tell me again that this isn't foolish risk.  Tell me again that I'm wrong about this being a basic leadership failure.  Make a compelling argument that the course of action being taken is the right one.

You can't,  because the modernization plan for Marine Corps armor is batshit crazy.  Future Marines will die and it will be because we're sending them out in geriatric vehicles that should be in museums.

The F-35 is NOT worth the disruption that its bringing to the Marine Corps budget.  Its just not.

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