Friday, July 10, 2015

The F-35 is incapable of defending itself or American troops on the ground via Washington Times

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via Washington Times.
The worst example is the F-35 joint strike fighter. Purchases of the F-35 fighter aircraft, the most expensive weapon system the Pentagon has ever bought, are being accelerated. It will cost more than $400 billion to buy about 2,500 of them and another $1 trillion to own and operate for the 50 years of their projected life. For that entire time, absorbing a huge chunk of the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps budgets, the F-35 will be the fighter that ate the defense budget.

Yeah...critical mass is here.  When the Washington Times starts taking apart your project then its only a matter of time before the politicians start looking at you seriously.

The budget angle has been hit.

What do we critics of the program need to shout from the roof tops now?


The idea of it being a jobs program is one thing and that meme has served the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin well, but labeling it as Corporate Welfare will put this into a different light.

Corporate Welfare is a synonym for waste, fraud and abuse.  This program is the best example of that going.

Stick a fork in this baby.  Budgets mean that as many as originally thought won't be bought...and the Corporate Welfare meme will mean that the rapid fire buy that was floated won't happen.

It all adds up to death spiral.

I couldn't be happier.

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