Saturday, July 11, 2015

The sad tale of the female Marine Lt.Col that got fired because she actually gave a shit....

Thanks to Medic09 for the sad but all too common story...

via Weaponsman
A year ago, Marine Lt. Col. Kate Germano, a lean, leathery, intense woman who’d had one key assignment after the next, took charge of the 4th Recruit Training Battalion, the Marines’ East Coast female-recruit training battalion. This unit had, for decades, accepted the idea that women needn’t achieve to men’s standards. She didn’t have any illusions about what women could and couldn’t do, but she also knew that “the soft bigotry of low expectations” was not the way to make Marines out of her young women.
And so she changed things. Boy howdy, did she change things. Things that had been accepted for decades in the unit — like female Marine recruits far underperforming males in rifle qualification. Germano was on solid ground here. Any experienced trainer can tell you women can compete shot-for-shot with their male counterparts on any flat range, and the Marines have made the flat, known-distance range the foundation stone of their world-renowned reputation for riflery.
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I knew a female Gunny.  Rock solid Marine.  Hardcore in every way.  Totally professional.  Should have been on the fast track to SgtMajor, but she was sabotaged (the story is remarkably similar to this one) by her female Marines.

The guys under her charge locked on, got with the program and got their sorry asses straightened out.  The females batted eyeliner, wiggled ass and cried to the HQ Battalion Commander.

These little trifling 20 somethings had him wrapped around their fingers and she suffered for it.

Make no mistake about it....good people are already getting hammered for political correctness and for being Marines --- sorta like this LtCol that made the mistake of actually giving a shit.  I fear for the Corps because of it.  Want to know what makes Marine leaders cringe and duck for cover?  Its not enemy its those three words that mean nothing but wreck careers...Hostile Command Climate.

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