Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Venezuela's Navy gets new landing craft.

via Janes.
The Venezuelan Navy is significantly expanding its amphibious transport capabilities and is now expected to receive two more Damen Stan Lander 5612 roll-on/roll-off landing vessels in August, according to local reports.
These two vessels were launched from the Damen Song Cam shipyard in Vietnam in mid-July and are part of a follow-on order for eight, valued at EUR94 million (USD102.1 million) and signed in February 2014. Damen's Song Cam shipyards will build another two landing vessels and it is expected that DAMEX - a joint Cuban-Dutch shipyard in Santiago, Cuba - will build the remaining four on order.
Those vessels will join four of the same class delivered between April 2012 and December 2014 by DAMEX.
Something weird is going on with Venezuela.

They're still increasing the size and capability of their military while they're in the midst of an economic meltdown?  Why?

Regardless, they're arming up to fight someone....I just don't know who.

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